01. A specialist team

We answer all your questions. Our specialist team has a consolidated experience and will be available to solve your freight needs.

02. Wide network of routes

BCN Euroexpress has an extensive network of routes. Our objective is to offer your goods in a perfect transit time. We understand you.

03. Infraestructure

With offices in Spain and Marocco, BCN Euroexpress has important infraestructures to give the best customer service.

0 Countries with Europe
0 Delegations
0 National Dispatches
0 International dispatches
0% Percent of success in transit-time

Our team of experts analyze your needs to offer the best coordination between: price, transit time and nature of your goods. Those factors should be coordinated.

Quality is a broad and ambiguous concept. But in BCN Euro Express, we offer a road transport without shrinkages and incidents. Our goal is to comply according to the plan of road transport.

Customer focus is the key to be successful. We want to offer the best logitic solutions. Then, we are exacting and want to improve with regard to last road freight.

Our own offices and network of agents enable us to offer a large-scale road freight.  We should connect with important destinations of Spain and Europe.



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