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Nowadays, the global economy is constantly evolving, therefore it is necessary to propose permanent changes in relations and procedures. From BCN Euroexpress we are committed to the environmental transport through our stakeholders (suppliers, customers and employees) with a sustainable logistics which tries to reduce significantly the CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

We are a responsible company that is firmly committed to a sustainable land transport service that respects the environment, converting ecological thinking into a fundamental part of our activity, especially within the niche of land groupage with Europe.

The eco-responsible commitment is a concept that identifies us, in BCN Euroexpress we advance in the continuous improvement and prevention of pollution, being present as in charge of land transport in Europe.

We have a commitment to environmental transportation within our services

The environmental logistics as part of the RSC Plan

We transmit a culture of environmental management for the improvement of sustainable.

We aim to reduce C02 emissions considerably

All our fleet complies with the regulations set by the EU, supporting environmental improvement and the reduction of polluting gases.

Eco-efficient land transport

We keep a detailed control of the consumptions and waste generated as a consequence of land transport in Europe.

We are 100% committed to the environment

We offer a quality land transport committed to our environment, guaranteeing compliance with the Euro 5 and Euro 6 regulations.

What it is the origin of this philosophy and the concept of environmental transport?

Looking back on the past, the problems related to the environment boomed at the end of the twentieth century when the first mentions of global warming, CO2 emission, etc. Fortunately, in all business sectors, including land transport, the figure of commitment to the environment appears as an indispensable factor if we want to generate business opportunities with customers. And it is already required to have some certifications and preventive measures regarding this matter and the perception for the customer as differential service, quality and reliability.

The environmental transports also are present within the world of the fleet of trucks of transport of goods where the simple fact of sending a merchandise from Spain to Europe, or vice versa, is carried out in the least harmful way possible. The big cities are the most affected by this factor since at the level of population and also in the flow of goods, it is where it is most interconnected. Most European countries have their terminals (is known as hubs) in the main cities of the country, therefore, the impact of the environment must be controlled even more.

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